İzmir Enternasyonal Fuarı
About 86. İzmir International Fair

Having hosted many civilizations throughout its history, Izmir was also the host of the first fair in the history of the country. İzmir International Fair, the first and the most extensive fair in Turkey, has opened its gates for the 86th time to the future, as it did 86 years ago despite wars, famine and crises. İzmir International Fair is organized with a different theme each year and this year’s theme was “INNOVATION - ENERGY”. The guest city of honor was “MUĞLA” and the partner country was Russia. While the main sponsor of the 86th İzmir International Fair was Folkart, its main innovation sponsor was Vestel. 
Almost a million dollar business connections have been made during the bilateral business negotiations in İzmir International Fair which was swarmed by the greatest number of visitors in recent years. 
Thirteen theatre plays and musical shows, ten concerts, eleven movie screenings, nine jazz concents, two travelling and nine non-travelling street shows, interviews, exhibitions, workshops, cinema workshops, yoga, zumba, and art street events displayed during the fair have attracted great interest from the visitors coming from almost all regions of the world in particular to Izmir and Aegean Region.

The visitors of the fair met with the famous artists in Çim Konserleri of İzmir International Fair. Nilüfer, Doğukan Manço, Sıla, Mabel Matiz, Demet Akalın, Volkan Konak, Buray, Teoman, Buika, Selami Şahin and Candan Erçetin met with their fans during the 10 days of Çim Konserleri. The participation in Çim Konserleri where many famous names take the stage each year was more than hundreds of thousands. 

The jazz delight which started last year has continued this year in Mogambo, an indispensible part of the fair as a night club in previous years. The jazz nights delighted its audience with the performances by Lisa Simone, Bülent Ortaçgil, Tuna Kiremitçi, Vedat Sakman, China Moses, Fatih Erkoç, Della Miles, Ferit Odman, and Zuhal Olcay.  

Italian Demonstration Group Sonics presented a visual feast with its “Meraviglia” show at the giant stage installed at the side of the Uzun Havuz in Kültürpark Sanat Sokağı. The dancers started their show at the height of twenty meters with the help of a crane and gave the audience an exciting time.

World-famous street shows brought color to the streets of Kültürpark during the fair. “Giant Elephant” team that came from France for the fair within the scope of the travelling shows took the fair lovers to Bollywood streets. The Giant Elephant of 12 tons, the most attractive member of the team, gained the love of Izmir people with its similarity to the old friend Bahadır, unforgettable host of the fair. 
Travelling musicians “Lumen Parade”, “Bubbles Show”, “The Baloon Man" from England and Illusionist Ahmet Küçükdoğan gathered everyone’s attention from children to adults. 

With its rhythms and led shows, “Led Drum” team gave a visual feast to the visitors of the fair. Pinti Band, Evrencan Gündüz and the music group ensured that the streets were full of music. 

Theatre plays of 86th İzmir International Fair attracted great attention. While the invitations to the demonstrations in Atatürk Open-Air Theatre and İsmet İnönü Sanat Merkezi were sold out days before, long queues were formed in entrances. Bir Zamanlar Gazinoda, Ahududu, Aşkım Kapışmak ve Nilgün Belgün ile İlişkiler Komedisi, Aşk-ı Memduh, Hedwig ve Angry Inch, Sevgilime Göz Kulak Ol, Akidezadeler ‘Bir Tatlı Huzur, Cimri, Beni Nükhet Duru Sanıyorlar were among the plays displayed in İsmet İnönü Sanat Merkezi. 
Atatürk Open-Air Theatre hosted significant plays. Alice in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carrol for children but featuring the characteristics of a philosophical text, gained life once again in Izmir International Fair with its dance shows among amazing displays, lights and colors created with technology. While Hisse-i Şayia “Bir Evlilik Komedisi and Mahşer-i Cümbüş, the pioneer of the modern improvisational theatre in Turkey, met their audience; the students receiving theatre education in Folkart Academy were on stage with their first play “Sersefil Müzikali”.

While Lale Belkıs and Aytaç Arman were given the Honor Award in Sinema Burada Festival organized this year for the 17th time, Öykü Karayel and Rıza Kocaoğlu received Success Award.
In Sinema Burada Festival, 13 feature-length and 6 short-length films were seen. The audience had the opportunity to join the international gala show realized for the first time at the last day of the festival. 

This year, Literature Talks were realized for the first time within the scope of the 86tth Izmir International Fair. The interviews carried out at the garden of İzmir Sanat Merkezi hosted many famous litterateurs. Writer Oya Baydar, Journalist Mine Söğüt, writer, photographer and fairy tale researcher Özcan Yüksek, writer, actor and scenarist Ercan Kesal, film maker, writer Arif Keskiner, and master architect and writer Melih Güneş were guests of the Literature Talks.

Another great international event was realized within the scope of the 86th Izmir International Fair. “Transanatolia”, the rally with the longest racetrack in Turkey and Europe, began from Kültürpark on 19 August. Aziz Kocaoğlu, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, started the race which finished in Samsun on 26 August.
“Alnımın Çizgilerindesin Memleketim” – Nazım Hikmet’s Travel Photographs Exhibition prepared by Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat Yayıncılık, Destinasyon Sahnesi where district municipalities display their folk dances and cultural activities, Interstellar Uzay Sergisi and  CERN Dinleme Enstelasyonu, Ege University Preschool Development, photograph, Masterpiece (reversible material), Pınar Painting, Illusion, Balloon Show, Paper Marbling, Origami, Bag Painting and Mask workshops, İZELMAN Çocuk Kulübü where children explore preschool education and join creative educational activities under green trees of Kültürpark, and Migros Çocuk Kulübü with its workshops improving creativity were in 86th Izmir International Fair. 
Izmir International Fair to be organized between the dates of 7 and 16 September 2018 is waiting for its visitors and participants with its energy of 86 years.