Fair Streets Take to Kemeraltı

Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar, which has been the shopping centre of the city from the past to the day as well as defies time by bringing together different cultures, is in İzmir International Fair, the 88-years’ trade, culture, arts, and entertainment centre of Turkey!

The historical and cultural values and richness of Kemeraltı will be introduced in Kemeraltı Street, which will be created at the fair for the historical bazaar, an example of a beautiful cultural mosaic from its historical buildings to its tastes. The event, in which Kemeraltı artisans can open their own stands and sell their own products during the fair, will enable the Bazaar artisans to introduce themselves.

In “Kemeraltı Street” event organized under the leadership of Tarihi Kemeraltı İnşaat Yatırım Ticaret A.Ş. (TARKEM), Kemeraltı Tastes, Kemeraltı Artisans, Kemeraltı Brands, Kemeraltı Projects, and various events will meet the visitors of the fair. In Kemeraltı Street, which will help increasing the brand value of Kemeraltı, various workshops, exhibitions, interviews, autograph sessions, auditions and competitions will be held with writers, researchers, urban observers, photographers, and artists. With Kemeraltı Street, which will be located in the Long Pool area between Kültürpark’s Lausanne Gate and Montreux Gate, visitors of the fair will set out on a small journey of Kemeraltı at İzmir International Fair between 6th and 15th of September.



06-15 September 2019