İzmir Enternasyonal Fuarı

1923: The foundation of exhibition  industry was laid in Izmir with the 1st Economy Congress held in Hamparsomyan Building where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk made the opening speech.
1927: The name of the Economy Congress was changed to 9 September Exhibition and domestic and foreign visitors were welcomed at Mithatpaşa Art Institute.
1936: Kültürpark, which was destroyed by the Great Fire of Smyrna, was turned into a national meeting area with the great efforts of Behçet Uz and it was opened with Izmir Fair.
1937: Parachute Tower was opened at Kültürpark in order to encourage the interest of young people towards aviation. 
1942: It was a time of shelters and black-outs because of the World War 2. Kültürpark Entertainments were organized to prevent the feeling of absence of the fair during those dark times. 
1947: İzmir Fair became a member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).

1956: İzmir Fair was opened by the President Celal Bayar and Prime Minister Adnan Menderes.
1964: The miniature train started its route in Kültürpark at the 33rd Izmir fair.
1967: Zeki Müren, the sun of art, took the stage in Manolya Garden within the scope of the fair.
1968: UFI Congress was held in Izmir.
1971: Thousands of visitors were introduced to escalator for the first time in Izmir Fair where new products of the day were displayed.
1973: ABD brought a stone from moon to İEF. Space race occurred between two cold was rivals, USA and USSR.
1980: İEF activities were suspended for one day due to military coup. İEF arranged the visit hours according to the hours determined by martial law.
1989: The first lottery draw was realized in the 58th Izmir Fair.
1990: İZFAŞ was founded to make Izmir the city of fairs.
1992: France became the first country to be the guest of honor of İEF.
2004: İEF was limited to 10 days. International Izmir fairground was put into service.
2005: Mardin became the first city to be the guest of honor of İEF.
2011: Australia became the twin country of İEF.
2016: The main theme of Izmir International Fair was determined to be "innovation". İEF acquired a new dimension with this theme.

2017: With the main theme of Innovation - Energy, Muğla as the Guest City of Honor, and Russia as the Partner Country; Izmir International Fair maintains its rising trend