90. İzmir International Fair


The door that opens to the future with hope: 90th İzmir International Fair

İzmir International Fair, the heritage of the republic, which contains the historical and economic memory of the world and gathers Turkey's cultural values under the same roof in Kültürpark, reached out from the past to the future by shedding light on global changes and transformations in its 90th year.

İzmir International Fair, which was held for the 90th time in Kültürpark on September 3-12, 2021, became the address of hope and enthusiasm for 10 days through offering its visitors the days full of joy and fun that we all yearned for with the slogans of "We Celebrate Together for 90 Years" and "We Are Building the Future Together in İzmir".

The common future of world cities was written in İzmir this year

The fourth of the United Cities and Local Governments Organization (UCLG) Culture Summit was held for the first time in Turkey on September 9-11, 2021 in İzmir Kültürpark. At the summit, a roadmap was prepared for the future of cities after the pandemic, and cultural networks and stakeholders came together to discuss the place of cultural policies in sustainable development.

Global solutions to the climate crisis at İzmir Business Days

Within the scope of İzmir International Fair and under the auspices of the R.O.T. Ministry of Commerce, the 7th International İzmir Business Days, which was held virtually under the main theme of "Circular Economy and Green Deal on the Axis of Trade and Logistics" on September 2-3 with the participation of ministerial-level speakers from 8 countries in total, important issues such as developed strategies across the world, circular economy, green development, climate change, EU Green Deal were evaluated for the "climate crisis".

This year at the İzmir International Fair

Organized by İZFAŞ and hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, the 90th İzmir International Fair became the center of technology, commerce, culture, art and entertainment for 10 days. The main sponsor of the Fair, which appeals to all age groups with more than 70 events under 12 main headings, was Folkart, and the event sponsor was Migros. There was an influx of visitors in the Grass Concerts and Mogambo Nights, where famous artists take the stage, 20th Cinema is Here Festival, Book Street and Face-to-face Talks, playgrounds for children and adults, sports field, quiz show, special exhibitions, cultural and artistic events. Visitors bought souvenirs in the bazaar set up at the entrance of the Lausanne Gate. Publishing houses in the Book Street area, on the other hand, both organized autograph sessions and offered a nice surprise to book lovers with special discounts for fair visitors.

The fair also hosted world-famous exhibitions. 90th IEF History Exhibition that welcomed the visitors at the entrance of Lausanne Gate with the “Refik Anadol Bosphorus” Exhibition with Belenco, “Artifex Ludens Play with Art” Exhibition, 1875 Commemorating Kara Sinan Cartoon Exhibition, and İşbank - “Independence Towards the 100th Anniversary of the Great Victory” Exhibition made a strong impression.

İzmir International Fair, which aims to spread the developments in the modern world to Turkey, invested in informatics and entrepreneurship by organizing Next Game Startup and Game Entrepreneurship events for the first time this year.

Bringing tradition together with the future, İzmir International Fair renewed our hope by giving its visitors moments of fun and enthusiasm with its colorful events as well as reviving trade.