92. İzmir International Fair

92nd İzmir International Fair opens its doors with the theme of "Youth"
İzmir International Fair, our heritage of the Republic, which started Türkiye's fair organization journey, which embodies the commercial and cultural memory of our country with its firsts and innovations, is preparing to bring the world together in Kültürpark in its 92nd year. İzmir International Fair, which will be the center of trade, culture, art and entertainment as every year with 10 days of activities between September 1 - 10, 2023, is organized with the theme of "Youth", which is special for İzmir to be the "European Youth Capital Finalist for 2026". This year, the Fair will further strengthen the city's bond with young people and will strengthen the struggle for the future of young people who can access their dreams and trust their skills. In the 100th anniversary of our Republic, İzmir International Fair, with its deep-rooted history and progressive structure, will open its doors to the new century with the power, energy and leadership of the youth.
Hosting the International Textile Biennial
Theİzmir International Fair, which has been breaking new ground since the day it opened, is preparing to host the International Textile Biennial, which will be organized for the first time in Türkiye this year. The works in the Textile Biennial, which will open its doors simultaneously with the fair on September 1, will meet art lovers in the Atlas Pavilion throughout the fair. The Textile Biennial, curated by writer and artist Nihat Özdal and featuring 61 participants from 25 different countries, will be open to visitors at the Atlas Pavilion, Pakistan Pavilion, Agora, Namazgâh Bath, Etz Hayim Synagogue, Alga Chocolate Factory, Ahmet Ağa Mansion and Foundations Mansion between September 1 and November 24.
Colorful concerts and events at IIF
Dozens of colorful events such as concerts, theater and competitions will take place throughout the fair. Visitors will meet at the Fair concerts this year, as they do every year, to enjoy pleasant moments on September evenings. This year, the 101st anniversary of the Liberation of İzmir will also be celebrated at the İzmir International Fair. While famous artists will take the stage at the Grass Concerts, an indispensable part of the Fair, young and popular names of rock and rap music will meet with the fair visitors on the alternative stage in front of Hall No. 3 in Kültürpark. İzmirians will also have fun to the fullest at the Mogambo Nights, which have become a classic of the fair.