93. İzmir International Fair

İzmir International Fair, one of the world’s oldest international general trade fairs and the first fair in the history of the Republic of Turkey, will be organized by İZFAŞ, hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, under the auspices of The Ministry of Commerce of the Republic Turkey; between August 30-September 3, 2024, in the outdoor area of Izmir International Fairground/Kültürpark.

İzmir International Fair, which hosts different branches of culture and art every year is the pioneer of many specialized fairs organized in Turkey as well as being the only fair physically opened in the  world during the pandemic period.

İzmir International Fair; companies from various nations will be able to come together once agaın with their target audience and franchise brands and lay the foundations of new collaborations at İzmir International Fair.

İzmir International Fair, where the launch products that will enter the market of the Republic of Turkey in order to increase the trade volume have been introduced to the public for 92 year continuously, is the only platform in the world that combines cultural and commercial mission, by creating a festival atmosphere with nearly 1.000.000 visitors every year, more than 300 exhibitors and exhibitions, cinema displays theaters, Çim & Mogambo Jazz concerts, musicals, workshops, street performances, activities organized during the fair.

Why to attend İzmir International Fair
• To increase brand value .
• Face-to-face promotion opportunities  of the latest technological products and novelties.
• Izmir being one of Turkey's major export ports and providing easy access to the Anatolian hinterland
• Direct flights to Izmir from many national and international destinations
• B2B business meetings with participating countries
• Approaching 1 million visitors during the fair
• 92 years of cultural tradition
• The coexistence of various gastronomic flavors and cultural products of Anatolia
• Appealing to all ages and generations with cultural events, art talks, street stages and concerts
• Located in Kültürpark,the apple of İzmir’s eye