1923: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk opened the 1st Economy Congress in the Building of Hamparsomyan and this congress constituted the basis of fairs in İzmir.

1927: The Economy Congress changed its name as 9th of September and hosted its domestic and foreign visitors in Mithatpaşa Art Institute.

1936: Kültürpark devastated in the Big Fire of İzmir was transformed to a national meeting area in consequence of the big efforts of Behçet Uz and opened with İzmir Fair.

1937: The parachute Tower was opened in Kültürpark to promote the interest of young people to aviation.

1942: It was the time of sanctuaries and black out nights because of the 2nd World War. Kültürpark entertainments were organized in order to compansate the absence of İzmir Fair in these dark era.

1947: İzmir Fair became a member of Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).

1964: The miniature train began to travel within Kültürpark for the first time in the 33rd Izmir fair.

1968: UFI Congress was held in Izmir.

1971: New products of the time were exhibited in İzmir Fair and thousands of visitors met with escalator for the first time in the fair.

1973: USA, brought stone from moon to İzmir Fair. Space Race was held in the pavilions of the two big front of the cold war "US and USSR"

1989: The first draw of numeric lotto was performed in 58th İzmir Fair.

1990: İZFAŞ was established in order to make İzmir a city of fairs.

1992: France became the first Guest of Honor Country of İEF.

2004: İEF was shortened to 10 days.

2005: The first Guest Province of Honor İEF was Mardin.

2011: The First Partner Country of  İEF was Austria.

2016: Main theme of Izmir International Fair was determined as "innovation". İEF gained a new dimension with this theme.

2017: With the main theme of Innovation - Energy, Muğla as the Guest City of Honor, and Russia as the Partner Country; Izmir International Fair maintains its rising trend

2018: The 87th İzmir International Fair, whose main theme is Technology, hosted Serbia as a partner country and India as a focus country.

2019: "88th İzmir International Fair hosted People's Republic of China, one of the world's giants, as the partner country and India as the focus country once more, while Istanbul and Kahramanmaraş attended the fair as the "honored guest cities" of this year."

2020: 2020: 89th İzmir International Fair organized between 4-8 September 2020, it was the only fair held under pandemic conditions with it’s outdoor settings.

2021: 90th Izmir International Fair, September 3-12, 2021, became the center of technology, trade, culture, arts and entertainment for 10 days with the slogans "Celebrating Together for 90 Years" and "Building the Future Together in Izmir".

2022: Organized for the 91st time in Kültürpark between September 2-11, 2022, Izmir International Fair became a meeting point for the unique food and gastronomy culture of our country and Izmir with the theme Terra Madre Anatolia.

2023: The 92nd Izmir International Fair was organized for the 92nd time in Kültürpark between September 1-10, 2023 with the theme of Youth and hosted the Textile Biennial organized concurrently with the fair.